Use this System Boundary Document template (iWork Pages 30 pgs) to establish the boundaries of an information technology (IT) project. The System Boundary Document template captures the goals and objectives that the IT project is intended to satisfy. Also includes spreadsheet.

Use this template to:

  • Business Needs – Ensure that requirements satisfy the business need. Has the System Boundary Document highlighted areas outside of scope due to budgetary or resource restrictions?
  • Feasibility – Can it meet requirements? Do you have the resources, experience, and budget to deliver this project?
  • Costs – Are costs realistic? Use the System Boundary Document to factor in all costs for human resources, consultants, software, training etc
  • Schedule – Is the schedule realistic? Are we over-optimistic on the delivery date? Have internal or political issues determined the end date and if so, how can we mitigate against this?


Apple iWork - System Boundary Document


The template pack includes the following:

  • System Boundary Document – iWork Pages (30 pigs)
  • Performance Measures 1 x spreadsheet



System-Subsystem-Specifications-Template-Apple-iWork-Assumptions System-Subsystem-Specifications-Template-Apple-iWork-Benefits System-Subsystem-Specifications-Template-Apple-iWork-Budget-1 System-Subsystem-Specifications-Template-Apple-iWork-Constraints System-Subsystem-Specifications-Template-Apple-iWork-Cost-Benefit System-Subsystem-Specifications-Template-Apple-iWork-Costs-2 System-Subsystem-Specifications-Template-Apple-iWork-Feasibility
System-Subsystem-Specifications-Template-Apple-iWork-Mission System-Subsystem-Specifications-Template-Apple-iWork-Model System-Subsystem-Specifications-Template-Apple-iWork-Requirements System-Subsystem-Specifications-Template-Apple-iWork-ROI System-Subsystem-Specifications-Template-Apple-iWork-Schedule

Apple iWork - System Boundary Document

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