Video tutorial – Track changes in MS Word

This introductory video tutorial shows how to use Track Changes so that you and your colleagues can easily see the changes you’ve made to your document.

The benefit of using track changes it that you can make suggestions on where and to improve the text, allow another person to either edit, accept or reject what you’ve written. It also makes sure that nothing is ever lost.

Once you start using Track Changes every single edit is captured, so that you can go back and see who changed which sentence, and revise it if necessary.

Want to get started? This video shows you where to find the Track Changes feature in Word, and how to start tracking your text.

Turn Track Changes on and off

  1. Go to the Review tab > Tracking > Track Changes.
  2. When Track Changes is on:
    • Deletions are marked with a strikethrough
    • Additions are marked with an underline.
    • Different authors’ changes are indicated with different colors.

Note: If Track Changes feature is not displayed, go to Review > Restrict Editing > Stop Protection.

Show or hide comments

By default, Word displays deletions and comments in balloons in the margins of the document.

You can change this to show comments inline and all deletions with strikethroughs instead of inside balloons.

  1. Review tab > Tracking.
  2. Select Show Markup.
  3. Show Markup in the Tracking panel
  4. Point to Balloons > Show All Revisions Inline.

Display changes and comments for specific people

You can see which changes or comments a specific person has made.

  1. Review > Tracking > Display for Review.
  2. Choose the option you want:
    • To review the changes, indicated by a red line in the margin, choose Simple Markup.
    • To view all changes, choose All Markup.
    • To preview if you make all the suggested changes permanent, choose No Markup.
    • To view the original document as if all the suggested changes were removed, choose Original.

Hide tracked changes and comments when printing

Most of the time you don’t want comments and changes to appear in your document.

To remove markup from your document, use the Accept and Reject commands in the Changes group.

  1. Go to File > Print > Settings > Print All Pages.
  2. Under Document Info, select Print Markup to clear the check mark.