Apple Pages – How to Create a Table of Contents

In this tutorial, we’re going to look at how to create a table of contents (TOC) in Apple Pages.

One of the nice things about Pages is that it automatically updates the TOC as you add and delete content. No need to manually update or remember to refresh the TOC.

Also, as the entries in the TOC are active, if you click on it, it takes you to that location in the doc.

When you export to PDF, the TOC is included and entries are active links.

Some Pages templates, such as these sales and marketing templates, include a table of contents, which you can edit.

Apple Pages – How to Create a Table of Contents

First, apply paragraph styles to the headings in your document that you want to appear in the TOC. These headings are added to the TOC automatically.

  1. Place the pointer where you want the table of contents to appear.
  2. Choose Insert > Table of Contents (from the Insert menu at the top of your screen).

  3. Select an option:
    • Document: Gathers entries from the entire document.
    • Section:Gathers entries from only the section where you’re inserting the table of contents.
    • To Next Occurrence: Gathers entries between this table of contents and the next table of contents if, for example, your document includes multiple TOCs.
  4. Click anywhere in the table of contents to select it.
  5. In the Format sidebar, click the Table of Contents tab, then select the paragraph styles you want to include.

Apple Pages – Adding Special Characters

If you have a more recent version of Pages, you might be wondering where are the Special Characters gone. They used be there, right? But where are they now?

Ok, let’s take a look.

The Special Characters are there; they’re just a bit hidden.

Apple Pages – Add Special Characters

If you have an older version of Pages – lucky you 🙂 – then you just need to:

  1. Click Edit > Special Characters

If you have a new version of Pages, Special Characters are hidden under Emoji & Symbols.

Do this:

  1. Click Edit, Emoji & Symbols.
  2. Click the little arrow on the lower right.

The Special Characters appear.

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Apple Pages – How to Create lists with special characters

Want to create lists with special characters in Apple Pages?

Apple Pages – How to Create lists with special characters

  1. Click Edit > Special Characters, then click a character from a bullet or star menu.

Note: From 10.3.3, Special Characters are called Emoji & Symbols.

Apple Pages – How to Create a List automatically

If you want to create lists automatically in iWork Pages, then this tutorial will help.

Apple Pages – How to Create a List automatically

The first thing to do is to turn on the setting in Preferences, then start typing your lists. Of course, if this annoys you or gets in the way, then just turn it back off.

  1. Click Pages > Preferences.
  2. Click General, then select the checkbox next to “Automatically detect lists.”

  1. In your document, type a bullet, letter, or number, then enter the first item in your list and press Return.

Pages automatically adds a bullet, letter, number, or character to every subsequent item in the list.