Apple iWork Pages – Adjust line spacing to make documents more readable

go here One of the simplest ways to make your document more attractive is to change the default line spacing. When the line spacing is set to 1.0 Single, the text appears cramped. It’s hard to read and forces the reader to work harder to read your text. Something you want to avoid, right? In the … [Read more...]

Apple iWork Pages – Adding a Table of Contents

As you probably know by now, Apple Pages doesn't behave the same way as MS Word. That’s not a criticism of either of them as they both have their own strengths and weaknesses, but it means you get the most from Pages you need to accept the way it does things may not always be the most … [Read more...]

Apple iWork Pages – Adding Emojis, Unicorns, and Flags

Want to add emojis to your Apple documents so people think you’re hip and cool and in with the In Crowd? Well, I do. iWork Pages offers literally hundreds of emojis. Seriously. You’re looking to bling up your status report, then you’ll find something here. So, where are these puppies? … [Read more...]

Apple Pages – Adding Special Characters and Emojis

If you have a more recent version of Pages, you might be wondering where are the Special Characters gone. They used be there, right? But where are they now? Ok, let’s take a look. The Special Characters are there; they’re just a bit hidden. Apple Pages - Add Special Characters If you have an … [Read more...]

Apple Pages – Create a list automatically

If you want to create lists automatically in iWork Pages, then this tutorial will help. Creating lists automatically The first thing to do is to turn on the setting in Preferences, then start typing your lists. Of course, if this annoys you or gets in the way, then just turn it back off. … [Read more...]

Getting Started

Well, hello there! This is the first little post on the site. I was going to delete it but thought, well, let's leave it there. For now anyway. … [Read more...]