Apple Pages – Create a list automatically

If you want to create lists automatically in iWork Pages, then this tutorial will help.

Creating lists automatically

The first thing to do is to turn on the setting in Preferences, then start typing your lists. Of course, if this annoys you or gets in the way, then just turn it back off.

  1. Click watch Pages > Preferences.
  2. Click General, then select the checkbox next to Automatically detect lists.
  3. In your document, type a bullet, letter, or number, then enter the first item in your list and press Return.

Pages automatically adds a bullet, letter, number, or character to every subsequent item in the list.

Creating lists with special characters

  • Click Edit > Special Characters, then click a character from a bullet or star menu.

Note: From 10.3.3, Special Characters are called Emoji & Symbols.


Changing the Indent level in your list

To change the indent level (hierarchy) of an item in the list, click anywhere in the item

  • To move the item to the right: Press Tab.
  • To move the item to the left: Press Shift-Tab.

To end the list, press Return twice, or press Delete on your keyboard.