Apple iWork Pages – Adding a Table of Contents

As you probably know by now, Apple Pages doesn’t behave the same way as MS Word. That’s not a criticism of either of them as they both have their own strengths and weaknesses, but it means you get the most from Pages you need to accept the way it does things may not always be the most intuitive.


how to get cytotec MS Word v iWork Pages approach to TOC

Unlike MS Word, you need to generate a table of contents in Pages.

The other thing to remember is that Pages often takes quite a while to generate the TOC. Actually, you might think you’ve something wrong as nothing appears to be happening. But hang in there if you have a large document. It will appear. So just keep that in mind.

Ok. Let’s start!

overnight no prescription cytotec Troubleshooting TOC in Pages

If you don’t see a TOC it means one of two things:

  1. You haven’t applied paragraph style heading to the document or
  2. The style headings you’ve applied to the document are not recognized by the TOC. This happens if you create you own headings or copy/paste from another document. Don’t worry. It’s easy to fix.

source link Generating a Table of Contents

  • Apply paragraph styles to the headings in your document that you want to appear in the TOC. As you add to the document, any headings with those styles will be added to the TOC automatically.
  • Click in the document where where you want the table of contents to appear. You can move it around later if you want.
  • Click Insert > Table of Contents.


  • Choose one of the following:
    • Document: Entries from the entire document.
    • Section: Entries from only the section where you’re inserting the table of contents.
    • To Next Occurrence: Entries between this table of contents and the next table of contents if, for example, your document includes several TOCs.

Table of Contents not displaying?

Not working? If the table of contents isn’t displayed:

  • Click anywhere in the table of contents to select it.
  • Click the Table of Contents tab at the top of the sidebar on the right, then select the paragraph styles you want to include.


If your sidebar doesn’t show the Table of Contents tab, click the Format button in the toolbar (not the menu at the top).

One small tip. Learn to create your own style and use these for the table of contents. Your documents will look much better than the out of the box headings and you’ll have greater control of the look and feel.

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